Puglia; one of Italy’s most popular destinations for holiday makers hoping to step away from their Canadian way of life and indulge themselves by exploring this gem of the Mediterranean. With a history that dates back centuries, a way of life that remains much unchanged, and a beautifully traditional esthetic; could one of our tours be the idyllic vacation that you’ve been looking for?

You’ll be given a multitude of opportunities to dine, partake of the local products, shop, engage with the residents, and see what life is really like in this ancient, traditional region. To learn more about the tour, get in touch with our friendly team.

Boasting one of the most traditional ways of life in the world, the Mediterranean region of Puglia is nothing short of an ancient landmark. With certain features dating back to the Roman times, is it any wonder why more and more Canadians are choosing to explore its beautifully tranquil coastline, vibrant streets, and authentic architecture than ever before?


Touring with us, you could explore the intricate details of this gem like never before; with our carefully developed tours, engaging itinerary, and a multitude of options to take the region by the horns at your own pace.
There’s simply so much to see and do here that no matter how much we try and tell you, you’ll still be surprised by the sheer volume of enjoyment that lies ahead – but we’ll certainly do our best to introduce you to what you can expect from your stay with us.

This is just one place that you’ll get to enjoy on your trip, however. From the trattorias and fine dining establishments, right through to the boutique shops, cobblestone paths, and much, much more in between.


Your tour is all about enjoyment and that’s why our team have worked tirelessly to create an itinerary that you’ll appreciate from the moment that we pick you up and take you back to your dedicated accommodation (complete with pool).


Whether you’re a fan of guided walks, historical sights, savoring the tastes of locally produced olive oils, or relaxing under the Italian sun; we have something for everybody. Little Gems You’ll Love!

Outside of all of the above, you’ll also have the option to spend your free time traversing the nearby surroundings to your heart’s content. If you like the sound of a trip into one of the nearby towns to shop, eat, or explore, you’ll have time for that; we even offer a cycling tour for those of you that would prefer two wheels for a few hours.


From the comfort of your Masseria, you’ll get to prepare and plan for your day ahead, and as we offer a selection of dining options (from an early morning breakfast, right through to traditional meals at a variety of local trattorias), you’ll feel spoilt for choice.


Puglia isn’t just one of the most traditional regions in Southern Italy; it’s an iconic destination that plays the role of fantasy setting, authentic backdrop, and ancient site with ease. Don’t miss out on your chance to visit!


  • Arrival into Bari
  • Ostuni & Olive Oil Tasting
  • Matera
  • Cheese Tasting & Polignano a Mare
  • Lecce & Otranto
  • Locorotondo & Alberobello
  • Free Day
  • Departure

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